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Frequently Asked Questions2018-01-10T13:12:35+00:00
Are the invitations handmade?2018-01-10T13:07:01+00:00

All stationery is handmade (except for laser cut envelopment), and consequently slight variations may occur between each item and any proofs previously supplied.

How far in advance should I order my invitations?2016-05-16T08:57:36+00:00

We recommend that you place your order at least three months prior to your wedding date. However, it’s best to place your order as soon as plans and wedding details are finalized to avoid the seasonal rush.

Do you accept rush orders?2016-05-16T08:57:42+00:00

We can accept or decline rush orders, depending on materials’ availability and workload. Rush order means design and production lead time of less than the standard of 7 working days. We don’t charge additional rush fee.

Do you offer emboss, foil stamp, or letterpress printing?2018-04-30T11:12:21+00:00

We do digital flat printing on all stationery and invitations. We do not offer emboss, foil stamp, or letterpress printing.

Do you have a minimum order requirement for invitations?2017-10-02T20:46:08+00:00

For basic wedding invitations, we require at least 50 sets.
For couture wedding invitations, we require at least 100 sets
For other wedding stationery, we require at least 30 pieces.

Kalidad Prints and Favors is under no obligation to accommodate smaller orders.

What is the validity of the quotation or job estimate that I received?2016-05-16T08:58:52+00:00

The quotation or job estimate is valid for 30 days. This means, you should place your order within 30 days because the quotation or job estimate will be subject to change afterwards depending on our suppliers.

How many invitations should I order?2016-11-10T17:45:44+00:00

You and your fiancé should sit down and make a list of all family members, friends, or work associates you would like to invite in your wedding. We also recommend that you order additional 20 to 25 invitations to cover any mistakes in addressing or last minute guests you may want to invite. When ordering invitations, count the total number of actual invitation and not the total number of persons invited.

How long does the layout process take?2017-10-02T20:55:14+00:00

Initial layout will be emailed usually within 3 to 5 working days (not including weekends and Philippine holidays) upon receipt of all details and 50% downpayment, but may vary depending on the complexity of the requirement. You may want to decide first on the design or theme of your wedding invitation prior the layout process to save time.

How many revisions can I make?2017-10-02T21:03:47+00:00

The number of inclusive revisions depends on your invitation order.

You need to choose first a design from our collection.

For Basic Wedding Invitation Set #1 which has 1 page only, you pay PhP350.00 layout fee and you will have upto 2 inclusive revisions. Revisions in excess costs PhP150.00 per revision.

For Basic Wedding Invitation Sets #2-4 which 2 or more pages, you pay PhP700.00 layout fee and you will have upto 3 inclusive revisions. Revisions in excess costs PhP200.00 per revision.

Make sure to carefully review the names and details of the invitations and finalize the design or invitation style that you want before ordering.

Will you send me a final layout to see how it would look like before printing?2018-01-10T13:03:28+00:00

Yes. We will actually send you the digital proof of the invitation in JPG or PDF format. We will send you the proof for initial layout and every revision that we make. We will only proceed to printing after we receive a “Confirmation to print proof# __ ” email from you.

How long will production take?2017-10-02T21:08:58+00:00

After signing off the client proof page, production usually takes anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks depending on the design, quantity, and components of your wedding invitation.

Basic Wedding Invitations:
50 sets = 5-7 working days
100 sets = 10-14 working days
150 sets = 15-20 working days

Couture Wedding Invitations:
100 sets = 4 to 6 weeks

*Working days do not include weekends and holidays.

Kalidad Prints and Favors reserves the right to reschedule the due date if other specifications, revisions or procedure have been added to the order after the layout approval.

How will I place my order?2017-10-02T21:11:27+00:00

Please email us at inquire@kalidadprintsandfavors.com to request for the Order Form and we will send you a copy as soon as possible or you may download it from this website.

Please make sure that you read and fully understand the Frequently-Asked Questions in this page and our Terms and Conditions that you can read here: Terms and Conditions
You may also give us a ring at the numbers found at the top-right portion of this page.

After placing my order, what if I have found out that I need more invitations?2016-05-16T09:02:31+00:00

Our minimum re-order quantity is 20 pieces, subject to materials’ availability.

When should I distribute my wedding invitations?2016-05-16T09:02:56+00:00

Invitations should be sent out 4 to 6 weeks before the wedding. For destination wedding, the invitations can be sent 10 to 12 weeks before your wedding date so your guests can mark it on their calendars and make the necessary travel plans.

Will I get a digital copy of the invitation?2016-05-16T09:03:17+00:00

During the proofing process, we email the JPG version of the invitation set with our watermark. We do not give JPG copies of the invitation set or individual pages without our watermark.

Do you give extra invites and envelopes?2016-05-16T09:03:40+00:00

Since Kalidad Prints and Favors is priced very conservatively, we do not give free extra invites and envelopes.

Do you provide a free mock-up?2017-10-02T21:20:30+00:00

Our prices are inclusive of one free mock-up for confirmed clients – associated with a specific Job Estimate number (meaning, clients who have paid 50% downpayment). A mock-up is produced after the client makes the request. However, we encourage that our clients request for the mock-up when all details have been finalized as there is already a charge for the succeeding mock-ups should the client require a new one, which is 2x the price of the invitation, depending on the kind of invitation. Mockup samples are by request, not automatically provided because majority of the clients do not require it.


Please note that the print color quality of the actual / mass print may vary a little bit from that of the mockup print. Even different batches of the same media can sometimes provide different results as this is one characteristic of laser printing.

What if I don’t require a mock-up, can we proceed directly to production?2016-11-10T17:45:43+00:00

The client waives his/her right for layout presentation and approval when he or she does not want to see or check the actual mock-up sample anymore. With this setup, Kalidad Prints and Favors has no obligations for any mistakes made or specifications not followed. The client is also obliged to accept and pay for the finished products.

Do you deliver invites?2017-10-02T21:22:08+00:00

The invites may be picked-up at our shop in Los Baños, Laguna. However, should you really want your invites delivered to you, we may do so using the services of local or international couriers, actual cost of which will be at your expense.

Domestic Shipping: LBC  |  JRS

International Shipping: FedEx | PhilPost

The shipping fee depends on the delivery address, actual weight & volume of the package, fuel surcharge, and dollar exchange rate (for international shipping).The shipping fee should be settled prior to dispatch/shipping.

Can I make last minute changes? What if there is a mistake with my order?2016-05-16T09:05:23+00:00

Yes and No.

Yes (Layout) – You can make changes on the text/wordings, as needed, as long as the printing process has not started. Once you have approved the final copy and given us the go signal for printing, changes may only be made for an extra charge. A proof will be shown to you each time a change is made to your invitation. Please take time to make sure all spellings of proper names, addresses, dates and times are correct. We will not be responsible on the errors you may overlook. But if you have, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to get you new invitations in time for your deadline; 20% charge will apply. If you received invitations printed other than the final approval copy, contact us immediately and we will rush your new invitations, absolutely free.

No (Materials) – You cannot change the colors of the papers and other materials after you have paid the 50% downpayment associated your signed Job Estimate. Please be advised that when you pay the downpayment, we are making sure that all purchases of the materials have already been made from our suppliers. To avoid this from happening, please finalize your invitation requirements before placing your order.

What if after I receive my invitations and find that the color I chose is not the exact shade (lighter or darker) that I saw in my computer monitor, would you recalibrate the shade and reprint them for free?2016-05-16T09:05:49+00:00

No. Please note that different computer monitors have different display qualities and color calibrations, so please make allowances for minimal lightening aand darkening of your chosen shade.

What if I decide to cancel my order, will I get a refund?2017-10-02T21:25:05+00:00

Yes and No.

Yes – If you decide to cancel your order and the layout process has not yet started, we will refund your downpayment less PhP500.00 KPF processing fee and payment gateway transaction fee. The payment gateway transaction fee will depend on the payment gateway that we will use: PayPal / Western Union / bank.

No – If you decide to cancel your order after the layout process has already been started, there will strictly be no refund of your downpayment.

What if I will ask my wedding planner or friend to approve the draft in my behalf?2016-11-10T17:45:43+00:00

Approval of the coordinator or any representative of the principal clients is considered valid, final and binding to the principal. We will not be responsible for the misunderstanding or miscommunication of the coordinator/representative and the principal.

Do you display our invites in your showroom?2016-05-16T09:06:54+00:00

We routinely display the best samples of invitation in our shop and in our website. You may wish not to have your invitation displayed by expressing so in an email or a written request addressed to Kalidad Prints and Favors.

Force Majeure2016-11-10T17:45:43+00:00

Force Majeure – Kalidad Prints and Favors shall not be responsible for any failure to fulfill its obligation under this contract if fulfillment has been prevented or curtailed by any circumstances whatsoever which are beyond its reasonable control as the case may be including without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing: 1. Compliance with any order, demand or request of any government or of any international, nation, port, transportation, local or other authority or agency or of anybody or person purporting to be or to act for such authority or agency; 2. Any strike, lockout or labor dispute; 3. Adverse weather, perils of the sea or embargoes; 4. Intermittent power shortages.

In case of circumstances of Force Majeure lasting more than ten (10) days, the client shall have the right to cancel this Contract, partly or in total. In such a case, none of the parties hereof shall have the right to any compensation for possible losses from the other party.