>>Why are wedding invitations pricey?

Why are wedding invitations pricey?

Weddings are expensive and that’s the truth. The most memorable occasion of your life can also be the most expensive event you’ll ever splurge on in your whole existence. With this in mind, you’ll probably find ways to save and cut cost leading to awful lot of reduction in all your wedding expenses. Heck, you might even think of only buying a dress, some foods, store-bought cake, shoes, ceremony essentials and that’s it, but then believe us when we say that that would be a pitiful wedding, especially if you don’t have a wedding invitation.

If you’re newly engaged and ask a newlywed about their wedding invitation, you might be surprised to learn that wedding invitations are pricey. Yes, you read that right. Those “multiple designed papers”, as other unaware persons may call it, can cost a little bit higher than what you’ve expected. But don’t cut it from your budget as this invitation creates the first impression of your wedding together with the other reasons why wedding invitations are important.

According to most bridal experts, the accepted amount to budget for your wedding invitations is 5-8% of your total wedding budget. With this percentage, it means that your invites should never be out of place on your wedding planning. But don’t worry, many wedding invitation makers will provide the best value for your money.

Here in Kalidad Prints and Favors, a lot of newly engaged couples are surprised how much is the cost for our wedding invitation. A lot of bride-to-be’s are still oblivious for certain expenses, especially when it comes to wedding invites. Allow us to repeat that this elegant pieces of paper don’t come cheap but your wedding wouldn’t be complete without them. We make custom invitations that are created specifically for you, not sold over and over again to multiple couples. They are created by professional artists as a reflection of you, your wedding and yes, they can be expensive.

Every invitation is design personally, printed individually and assembled by hand. And although we need machines to emboss or foil the invites, we still rely on ourselves to get the job done. We take every invitation seriously and we know they’re for the most memorable event of your life. Meeting with the couples, answering emails & calls, designing, editing, printing and assembling are just some of the things we do for our clients that takes 50 or more hours of our entire week. We work hard to make sure you get the best value possible for your money.

Custom-made invitations can make sure your wedding will have the perfect first impression on your guests. Pricey as it may be, you’ll be working with professionals that are dedicated, talented, trained and has a deep love for making wonderful invites just for you. Some of the factors you should know on why our personalized wedding invitations are pricey:

  • Start with design and production. They take most of our time which sometimes leads to overtime work so we can give you the best incitement to your guests.
  • Paper price varies. Thicker paper usually cost higher.
  • Some of our pocket-folds like laser cuts are imported. Of course, we don’t want to squirm on the quality so we even reach out on the global market which have hundreds of dollars costing and shipping.
  • The more paper used, the higher the price. Do we need to further explain?
  • More accessories like beads, ribbons add additional cost. Because they’re additional materials for your wedding invitation, we need to charge extra.
  • Embossed and foiled invitations used extra material and machine. The machines used to emboss and foil your elegant wedding invites are quite pricey.

Other people ask us if there are other options to save money on their wedding invitation and we say, of course there are other ways – store-bought invitations and DIY. If you’re willing to sacrifice your dream wedding just so you can save money then by all means, go on this two route. Need we say that the quality is not guaranteed?

We don’t want to be bias, but we want the best option to help you create your dream wedding and that’s what our custom-made invitations can offer. You only need to give us the details and you’ll be assured that your wedding invitations are of high quality, looks elegant and especially made for your big day.

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