>>Types of Accessories for your Wedding Invitation

Types of Accessories for your Wedding Invitation

Types of Embellishments you can use for your Wedding Invitation

A Wedding wouldn’t be complete without a Wedding Invitation. This special paper not only holds the important details of your wedding, but it also creates the first impression of the momentous event. We certainly agree that your invitation doesn’t have to look plain and boring.

Just like how you would beautify your art projects, you can also treat your invitation as an art that needs to be creative and outstanding. We’re sure you have searched for Wedding invitation on Pinterest or skimmed through Wedding magazines just to find the perfect invitation for you.

Well, we are sure that each of you has your own theme but one thing’s common between all of you; you all need to make your invitation standout, and you could do that with these types of embellishments you can use for your wedding.

  1. Belly Bands

Nope, they’re not the ones you use neither for pregnancy nor for weight loss. Belly Bands are the neat specialty paper around your folded invitations to keep them from popping up. You can create amazing Belly Bands with the use of thick papers or boards where you can print designs that suit your wedding theme.

  1. Monogram Card

A Monogram Card is all about having classic letterings on your invitation. You can hire a calligraphy artist or you can hire a creative team where they work great with letterings and technology for your Monogram Card. We love how classic-looking the cards are. They look clean, neat and can also look modernized.

More so, the Monogram Card can also be used not only for your invitation but also for your favors as well. Having you and your spouse’s initials engraved in your card is also a great idea so the giveaways can have a touch of uniqueness to it.

  1. Ribbons

Ah, this is a classic embellishment for many. Ribbons have utilized it to be of use not only on gifts but also on invitations and DIY projects. Of course, you can never go wrong with ribbons because they are a first choice for upgrading the look of your invitation.

Furthermore, you can make a pattern with a ribbon in any way you want. You can make a bow using your ribbon or spice it up just a bit by mixing and matching different colors for your invitation or giveaway. If you’re not adventurous, having ribbons in your invites is your best choice to make them standout.

  1. Paper Buckles

Paper Buckles can give your invitation a touch of sparkle, literally. You can have a rhinestone paper buckles that can give a sparkle to even a dull invitation. A paper buckle is great if you want a sophisticated yet classic look.

This embellishment will be inserted in a ribbon so you can create a beautiful touch to your invitation paper.

  1. Label Cards

It is not really about the invitation itself but the cards that goes with it. A Label card is mainly used to guide your guest about what they can expect in your invitation. If you think that Label Card doesn’t go well with your invitation, you can opt for it to be placed in each of your giveaways. Together with a meaningful message in it, your guest will surely remember your Wedding.

Well, Weddings is somehow not just about the groom and bride but it is lso a celebration of the people who have helped the couple go as far as their Wedding Day. So, why not give back something creative that comes from the heart?

Your Wedding Invitation, just like what we always say, makes the first impression of your Wedding Day. It wouldn’t hurt to add some effort and spice to your invitation as the occasion only happens once in a lifetime.

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