>>Top 7 Tips for your Wedding Invitation

Top 7 Tips for your Wedding Invitation

Need tips on your wedding invitation? Fret not! We got you covered with these seven tips you need to know before setting an appointment with your trusty invitation designer.

1. Define your Wedding Theme
What’s your wedding theme? Are you going for a laid-back/bohemian wedding or do you want a garden wedding? Whatever your theme is, you should always be clear to define it with your designer. Of course, your wedding invitation should be in line with your wedding theme. This will be your guests’ first look on your wedding and hints the formality of your matrimony.
Don’t have an idea yet? You can browse through our list of best wedding themes of 2015 and choose the one that best suits you and your fiancé.

2. Create your Color Scheme
Think about your wedding colors. You may want to keep in mind the color scheme as you can use them for your incitement. And you can carry the color scheme on the rest of your wedding papers. Take note though, your colors should always be parallel to your wedding theme for the sake of consistency.

3. Start Coordinating with Your Designer Early
You should start coordinating with your designer earlier in your planning. Talking and conceptualizing should begin on the seventh or eighth month of your wedding planning stage. If you need a time schedule guide, check out our timeline in creating your invitation so you can send it out on time.

4. Straighten Out Your Information
Of course, the main purpose of your wedding invitation is to give your wedding details such as date, venue, time and more. Double-check your information so you wouldn’t have any problems or error in any of your wedding invites. Aim to work with a dedicated and professional artist that can work well even if in times of last minute changes.

5. Check your Invites before Printing Them Out
No one had been ever hurt by double-checking their materials and in this case, your wedding invitation. Read over all the details and ask help from your English-major friend to help you decipher if there was an error like grammar, punctuation or spelling. Yes, this is the time to get OC (obsessive-compulsive) because this is the invitation to your new life as a married couple!
We’re sure your designer will be glad about the extra hand, especially on the technical side.

6. Don’t Forget to Include the Stamps
While you’re probably itching to send them out, double-check your invites if you had included a stamp postage for your guest. We know some of your loved ones are kind of lazy to even mail your RSVP back and this can also save your guest some money from mailing.

7. Order Extra
Needless to say, it is very expensive and a lot of hassle to go back and print another batch of invitations that are far lesser in quantity than the first batch. Bulk orders are more lesser on price because the material, time and effort are single-handedly made for a lot of invitations, which means that when you go re-print again for a couple of invitations only then that’s considered as materials, time and effort waste. Order enough invitations for your guest list, plus 25 extra in case you need to resend an invitation, want to put some aside as keepsakes (trust us, your mom will want to keep maybe a half of your wedding invites).

Wedding invitations are created to make your guests special and important. But sometimes they can get us in a ton of hassle. We hope that this top tips will make your wedding invitation a breeze.

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