>>A Time-line Guide for Your Wedding Invitation

A Time-line Guide for Your Wedding Invitation

When you’re planning for your wedding, you need to be organize and exercise time management. But when is the “right time” to plan for your wedding, especially your invitation?

Don’t ever think that you could squeeze your invitation a week or so before your wedding because that will greatly spell disaster. Just like planning for the venue, wedding dress and cake, creating the perfect wedding invite takes time and we’re here to help you make the time-line for it.

9 months before your wedding:
Start compiling your guest list. This is the time to think about who are the people close to your heart and are really special to you and your partner. Your guest list is important because through your guest list, you can count how many invitations you need your professional wedding designer to create for you.

Pick the venue. One of the first things you need to do is to see the schedule of your venue if it’s available to your target wedding day. You need to finalize the “where” question because through your wedding invites, your guest will know what to bring. For example, your venue is in Tagaytay, of course they need to bring jacket or sweater to keep them warm; or if your venue is in Boracay then they can bring a swimsuit with them and leave the winter clothes in their closet.

7-8 months before your wedding:
Talk to your wedding invitation designer. This is the time to finalize your custom-made wedding invites. Pick a professional wedding invitation artist that has dedication, has a deep passion for designing and is professional.

Here in Kalidad Prints and Favors, we make sure that not only our newlyweds but their guests as well should feel the happiness and intimacy of the occasion through our invitations.

6 months before your wedding:
Mail save the date cards. Gather all the important details that you will need to include in your wedding invitations including location, time, reception location, rsvp by date, and return address for replies.

Don’t want to go old-school? Why not create an account that also offers a wedding website? Through your website, you can update your guests about your wedding preparations and even make an RSVP option on your site for an easy guest count. For more tips on how to save time on your wedding preparation, read our article on new and improved wedding hacks.

4-5 months before your wedding:
Choose your invitation design. Initially think about your wedding theme – flower arrangements, reception, venue decoration, wedding dress and color scheme – and incorporate your theme to your wedding invitations. Explore and have fun choosing from a variety of papers, designs, typefaces, printing techniques and wording options for a perfect wedding invitation.

3 – 4 months before your wedding:
Confirm your guests’ addresses are up-to-date. Confirming will save you a lot of time and hassle because this will make sure your guests will certainly receive the invitation. You may now address envelopes and include return address, just in case. Assemble all of your wedding invitation components (invitation, rsvp card and return envelope, enclosure card) with the help of your professional wedding invites designer and put them into addressed envelopes.

1 – 2 months before your wedding:
Mail out your wedding invitation. There is no better way to say, “Hey, you’re invited!” to your loved ones by sending a wedding invite at their doorstep. Food for thought, it’s much better to receive a personalized and real wedding invitation than a virtual one because they will surely appreciate the time and effort you put through creating and mailing out the invites. If you need more reason, read our article to why a wedding invitation should be always part of a wedding preparation.

Time is of the essence when you’re preparing for your wedding. You can never afford to miss out a single detail, and so following this time-line can help you reach your goal for your dream wedding.

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