Dear Friend, 

I’ve recently gotten engaged to my fiancée and we’ve decided to start our wedding planning by looking at possible dates. Do you have any tips or advice for us in this area? Or are there things we should consider when choosing our wedding date?



Dear Groom-To-Be,

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! First of all, you’re on the right path when it comes to your wedding planning.  Just like any project, planning a wedding also requires a timeline and having a wedding date in mind is a good start. By having a finalized wedding date, you would easily be guided in making decisions in relation to your suppliers and even with your guest list!

To help you with deciding when’s the right date to celebrate your big day; here are a few things to consider:

  1. Are there any special or significant dates you would like to match? Some couples decide on a wedding date because it is a significant milestone in their relationship. For example, a wedding day can also mark your anniversary.
  2. Consider your schedules, especially if both of you are also working. Finding the right time to take a leave at work might also come into play in terms of finding the right date for your wedding. In addition, factor in additional leaves you might have to take when you plan to go on a long honeymoon as well.
  3. Take note of your guests’ schedule as well. After all, you don’t want to split up your family if it turns out you also have a close relative celebrating a wedding or another special occasion that day.
  4. Check with your venue’s availability early on during your planning process. Some venues, though perfect for your dream ceremony and reception, might actually require you to reserve a year in advance.
  5. Check with your suppliers’ availability as well. Take note that you also have to book photographers, videographers, caterers and alike to celebrate your big day and if you have a preference already, you also have to check with their availability early on. Similar to a venue, some suppliers require at least a year in advance.
  6. Think about the weather and the type of ceremony you envision. Certain dates might mean that you will experience rainfall on your wedding day. Thus, an outdoor ceremony might not be advisable. On the flip side, some dates might also mean that it’s too hot outsides for a garden or beach wedding.
  7. Take note of the price difference between celebrating a wedding on a weekday versus celebrating it on a weekend. Some couples, who are on a strict budget, prefer celebrating their wedding on a weekday because most venues have a lower rate for weekdays. However, do take note that some might not be able to go to your celebration because of work or other obligations during the work week. Meanwhile, celebrating your wedding on a weekend might also mean that you will be faced with higher rates, but it also increases the chances of your guests joining you to celebrate.