>>Parts of Wedding Invitation

Parts of Wedding Invitation

Hi Ladies! Let me guess… You are reading this because you are starting to plan out your invites for your wedding. Am I right? Let me guide you through the different parts of the wedding invitation so you will know which ones you need and should include in your invitation set.

A wedding invitation typically consists of several parts. There is the invitation card, entourage card, RSVP card & RSVP envelope, gift guide card, map card and envelope & seal.

Now let’s go through each one of them.

Invitation Card

Invitation Card

The invitation card is the most essential part of the whole invitation. It must provide all the details that your guests need to know in order to attend your event on time and in proper attire. Details will include the bride and groom’s names, the date, time and location of the ceremony and/or reception, and the dress code. The card design and theme will give your guests a glimpse of your event.

Entourage Card

Entourage Card

The entourage card lists all the persons participating in major roles of your wedding ceremony. It usually includes the principal sponsors, best man & maid of honor, groomsmen & bridesmaids, ring bearer and flower girls. Depending on your religion or wedding customs, it may also include secondary sponsors for the candle, veil and cord tradition, and also coin & bible bearers. You may also include here the name of the wedding officiant.


RSVP Card and Envelope

The RSVP (Répondez s’il vous plaît) card or response card allows your guests to send a confirmation of their attendance. It is important to be mailed or sent back to the host because it allows the planner to know how many guests are sure to attend the wedding, to ensure that everyone will be accommodated well on the event. It includes the number of reserved seats, contact details, the date the reply is expected, and sometimes the wedding website of the couple, where the guests may find any additional information about the event. You may also include RSVP envelope if you like and have your return address printed at the back. If you require your RSVP card to be sent or mailed back to you, you may want to include RSVP envelope with your return address already printed on it.

Map or Directions Card

Map Card
The map or directions card is an illustration of the venue directions from ceremony to the reception, guiding your guests on the best roads to take. The map or directions card is an important card if you will be having a destination wedding or if your guests will be traveling from other places. The purpose of this card is to make sure that your guests will arrive on time or will not get lost going to your event. It should have an easy-to-understand map illustration with or without turn-by-turn directions.

Gift Guide or Gift Request Card

Gift Guide Card

Gift Request card is for practical couples who wish to receive cash or monetary gifts instead of traditional gifts. One of the reasons is if the couple plans to reside abroad and they couldn’t bring with them everything that they would receive. Another is to avoid duplicate gifts, like home appliances which might end up being kept in storage. Or it could be that the couple plans to keep the fund for their future expenses. The couple can also take this opportunity to donate to a charity or cause that they support. There are many possible reasons and I believe people nowadays would understand and wouldn’t find it offensive to receive this request as this is usually done in a poetic approach.


Envelope with Printed Liner

The envelope holds all the pieces included in your wedding invitation set, except the seal sticker. It usually complements the design of all its enclosures. It could be the standard white or ivory color or it could also be a colored one to match your motif. Guest names and addresses can be printed or handwritten on the envelope. You can even make it fancy by embossing or calligraphy depending on your preference. It is ideal to have the envelope look presentable and appealing.

Envelope Liner
Envelope liner is specialty paper or printed paper that is glued to the inside of the envelope shaping an outline for the flap. It adds a personal touch to a formal or traditional wedding invitation. It also prevents the invitation from looking too generic and it provides a hint of tone of the wedding as it could be a striking pattern that’s color-coordinated with the wedding invitation.

Seal Sticker

Seal Sticker

It is a small sticker to help you seal your envelopes closed. It is design and color-coordinated with the wedding invitation and printed with the monogram and event date.

Things to consider in deciding the inclusion of your invitation:
– Is it going to be a small or large event?
– Are the venues easy to locate? Are your guests familiar with the venues?
– How much is your budget? Keep in mind that simpler invitations are always cheaper.

There you go. I hope you find this informative and helpful. If you’re going to plan your wedding invitation, contact us right now so we can help you every step of the way! You can also browse our price catalog through this link.

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