>>Laser cut Envelopes on a budget: How much does it really cost?

Laser cut Envelopes on a budget: How much does it really cost?

According to the Bridal Association of America, an average of $659 is said to be allotted for wedding invitations alone. Wedding Stats also did a couple of survey and estimated for the wedding invitation cost for 2015 being $441. The difference arises on the paper and envelopments use for the wedding invitation set, and the inclusions on the wedding packages.

On a wedding invitation, you can include an RSVP card, map of the church and reception, thank you card, and save-the-date card. The cost of your invites can also depend on the printing and design of your envelopes but for this, we recommend you to choose the most beautiful option out there; one of these options is the laser cut envelopes.

How about we get a little more specific? COSTOFWEDDING.NET says “if we check the cost of wedding invitations per piece, the usual price range is $1.00 to $10.00. So a wedding that needs 100 pieces of invitations can cost $100.00 to $1,000.00 for wedding invitations.” It’s good to keep these extremes in mind because it will help you decide your own wedding invitation budget.

Laser Cut Envelopes 101

We are not surprised if you’re not familiar with a laser cut type envelope because it is quite a high-end envelopment. But, believe it or not, you can now afford a laser cut envelope!

Before anything else, let us know the benefits if we use the laser cutting technology:

  • Laser cut technology are efficient and accurate
  • Laser cut envelopes are made through a computer
  • Designs for laser engraving, cutting and marking are created on highly sophisticated software packages. Dedicated technicians work with customers to provide precision cut parts for for all different requirements.
  • Laser cutting is a fantastic option because it avoids damage which is commonly caused by mechanical machines such as dragging, clamping, scuffs or tearing.

These are the reasons why laser cut envelopes are above other kinds of envelopments. Laser cut envelopes is quite expensive in all the right reasons.

How much a laser cut envelope cost?

Here in Kalidad Prints and Favors, we make sure that every penny counts. We are very particular with the design and details of your envelope. Of course, we make sure everything is quality at a reasonable price.

Below is the actual pricing of our laser cut envelopments in peso and dollars:

For 50 – 99 pcs. = PHP 91.00 each ($ 2.02)

For 100 – 149 pcs. = PHP 79.00 each ($1.76)

For 150 – 199 pcs. = PHP 73.00 each  ($1.62)

For 200 – 299 pcs. = PHP 67.00 each ($ 1.49)

For 300 – 499 pcs. = PHP 64.00 each ($0.85)

For 500 pcs and up = PHP 62.00 each ($1.38)

Tips for Budgeting for Laser Cut Envelopes (Or For your invitation in general)

These are the top tips in budgeting for your invitations. Keep this in mind and follow these useful tips.

  1. Determine your budget as early as possible
  2. Know how many invitations you’ll need
  3. Shopping online can help immensely because you can narrow search results to be within your budget (Shop here for awesome deals and discounts!)
  4. Match your wedding invitation to your wedding style (Always!)
  5. Always order extra invitations to last minute guests or the forgotten ones
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