>>Why You Should Go for a Laser Cut Envelope?

Why You Should Go for a Laser Cut Envelope?

Congratulations, you are now engaged! So what’s the next step? A Wedding of course. Planning for a wedding is the most exciting part of any wedding. Here you take control of the theme, cakes, venue and even your invitation.

An invitation is one of the most important details in a Wedding. It gives off the first impression of your momentous event and sets the expectation of your guest. We’ll be honest, invitations are quite expensive but if you’ll be able to find the perfect type of paper and envelopment for your invites, then all the money is all worth it.

Well, if you’re looking for a tip about papers, then you’ll have to go to the next article. On this article, we will discuss about the type of envelopment – particularly the laser cut envelope.

We understand that it will be the first time to make an invitation for your wedding, and so we’re here to help. There are actually 5 reasons why you should go for a laser cut envelope:

  1. Laser cut envelope are intricately designed

“What you see is what you get”, that’s the motto of laser cut envelopes. They are precise and intricately designed so you don’t have to worry about your invitation standing out.

You cannot undo what has been done with your envelope, especially with laser cut ones. They are quite expensive that’s why they your invitations should only run once, otherwise, you can pay double for the mistake.

You can head on our online store and see great options for your envelopments.

  1. Laser cut envelope is 100% error-free

Because laser cut envelopes are made using a computer and laser cutting technology, you are assured that your envelopes are error free. Just be clear with what exactly you want because once the printer is done, you can’t do small adjustments, otherwise you will be needing to pay for another set again.

  1. Laser cut envelope are faster than other types of envelopments

They are the fastest type when it comes to the printing because it takes advantage of our technology. What we love about the laser cut envelope is that once it’s done printing, we can deliver it to you right away. The only gruesome process is the pre-printing where you choose the design and layout, and signing of contract.

You might be wondering why there is a need to sign a contract well, it is actually simple: Most clients tend to be indecisive and so, to be clear, they need to sign a contract before we start printing.

  1. Laser cutting cuts small pieces and holes really well

Laser cutting is a non-contact strategy that essentially uses a concentrated beam of light to do its work. Laser cutting technology can cut really small and intricate pieces. You’ll definitely be amazed how quickly and precisely.

If you’re going to plan your wedding invitation, contact us right now so we can help you every step of the way!

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