>>How to have a Wedding on a Budget

How to have a Wedding on a Budget

How to have a Wedding on a Budget

A Wedding is an expensive occasion we need to have in a lifetime. If you’re not going to enter the convent or live a life of perpetual singleness then you will definitely experience organizing your own Wedding. We say need because the gift of matrimony will eventually become a part of your life.

However, not all of us have the time and, most especially, the money to splurge on a once in a lifetime event. We still have bills to pay, investments to think about and savings for our future. The dilemma is that a Wedding can not only cause you an arm and a leg but also your other arm and leg.

Well, you might be asking now, what are some ways on how can I have a Wedding on a budget? Here are some ways you can do to cut your Wedding expenses.

  1. Buy a RTW Wedding Dress

You might hear that RTW looks cheap, especially for a dress. But that is untrue. There are tons of beautiful and elegant Wedding Dresses that you can wear instantly. These RTW dresses equals to the Vera Wang or Michael Cinco of celebrities.

Of course, you got to have some patience when scurrying over bazaars or boutiques. There is still a slight truth on the saying that RTW items look cheap.

  1. Go DIY on Designs

What we want to stress out here is to help you find alternative ways to save on your Wedding; and one of the best options for you is to Do-it-yourself or DIY. This is the time to let your creative juices flow.

Browse over Pinterest and other related sites to get some inspiration for your Wedding. We’re sure there are tons of photos you would want to clip on your “Dream Wedding” board.

  1. Use your Connections

This is the best time to interact with your friends and their extensive connections. Ask your friends and relatives if they know someone who does Weddings like photographers, caterers, florists, etc. If they can suggest someone, ask your friend to accompany you so you can instantly get a friendly discount. Of course, everyone loves a Wedding so we’re sure your friends and family will definitely help you out.

  1. Think about the Date and Time

Have your wedding in the afternoon so you avoid mealtimes and can have a finger-food reception. Our wedding was at 2 p.m. and the reception was over by 6:30 p.m.

Consider a Sunday wedding. Our reception location fee was half the price on Sunday versus Saturday. Also, we had far greater availability of vendors like bakeries, photographers, and other stuff since they get booked up quickly on Saturdays.

  1. Take advantage of the Free Stuff online

Start your planning out by taking advantage of all the great, free tools out there – like a free wedding website. Then, use a budget and checklist tool to help keep your spending accounted for and on track. Unforeseen costs will pop up no matter how well you plan ahead, but by being adaptable within your budget, you can stay on target. Adjust your budget for individual items by lowering in one section because of a rising cost in another.

  1. Go for Printable Templates for your Invitation

Kalidad Prints and Favors have a variety of beautiful and timeless Invitation templates that you can print at home. Plus, they are also affordable! You don’t have to think about getting an Invitation Designer because we got you covered in terms of creative paper works. You can check out our online store and see for yourself all the amazing templates we have to offer.

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