Dear Friend, 

My fiancé and I have started our wedding planning and we’ve just finished deciding on the church wedding decorations. Now, we are looking at wedding venues to host our reception and despite the many different options offered to us, we do not know where to start. 

How do we choose the perfect wedding venue for our big day?



Dear Venue-less-bride,

Congratulations! Things might seem daunting at this early point of your wedding planning, but I assure you that with the right mindset and open communication with your groom-to-be, bumps on the road, like your wedding venue, can easily be managed.

To help you with your search for a venue, here are a few things to note:

  1. Your wedding venue should also reflect your wedding theme and your story as a couple. Are you both into the outdoors or did you have your first date during a hike? Have your wedding venue reflect that part of your relationship by also choosing an outdoor venue. This is a great way to show your guests how much thought you put through on your special day.
  2. Take note of the distance of your venue, especially if you are having a church ceremony first. Ideally, the venue of your reception is just nearby from the church and though that may not always be the case, a good place to start would be to ensure that your reception will just be a few blocks away from the church you’ve chosen. In addition, feel free to ask the church if they have any recommendations for your reception. Some have a multi-purpose area that can be rented and set up for your wedding reception so you and your guests don’t have to travel far to enjoy your party.
  3. Always consider your guests’ comfort and be sensitive to their needs. You might have invited a family member or a friend that might be in a wheelchair and he or she may find it difficult to move around if your venue is not wheelchair friendly. In choosing the right venue, note down items that may seem non-negotiable in terms of your guests’ needs and review it while you are having your ocular.
  4. Even if it may seem quite difficult, it is advisable to stick with your budget. After all, the wedding venue is just the start. To help it transform into the perfect reception venue, you still have to allocate funds and resources to a number of suppliers. On the other hand, you can also look into renting a venue that offers a packaged deal with the food and the décor. However, it might not be as cost effective as compared to you dealing with vendors and negotiating to get the best price.
  5. Most importantly, though it may seem like it in pictures or on paper, there is no such thing as a perfect wedding venue. Photo pegs that you found online are exactly what they are, pegs.  However, by keeping an open mind when you look at locations, you and your groom can find the right one that would suit all of your and your guests’ needs.