Nothing says the start of a marriage like a good wedding celebration. Most of the time, weddings are sentimental affairs, with your loved ones celebrating with you as you cut your wedding cake or dance to your wedding song. All of this signifying that they are there to support you as you and your partner start a new chapter in your lives. That’s why most couples planning their weddings try to make the day perfect, not just for them, but also for their guests.

In return, couples try to show signs of appreciation throughout the wedding. One way to make sure that you appreciate your guests’ attendance on your big day is by making sure that they enjoy a great meal during the wedding party. This is where your caterer comes into play.

Caterers are there to help you make your special day unforgettable. They are there to incorporate your taste of life as a couple and reflect it in the dishes they offer to your guest. However, it is not always easy as pie and here are a few things to look for in choosing the right caterer:

1. They Partner with You.  

Great caterers understand how important your wedding day is for you so they try to match your enthusiasm or even quell down your nerves. In addition, they are transparent about certain concerns which may include negative news so both you and they can come up with a solution. Unlike vendors who simply want to provide you with a standard deal and get an event over with, great caterers talk to you about your concepts and incorporate little details to make the whole experience for you and your guests personalized.

2. They Understand Your Budget.

Great caterers understand if you are conscious of how much you would like to spend on the food and drinks for your wedding. After all, weddings do not necessarily come in cheap and with other expenses like the venue and the gown or suit, caterers try to help you customize a menu that not only your guest would enjoy, but also would not break the bank.

Try sharing your budget early on during the planning stage and request for possible menu options that would suit that budget. In addition, ask for their recommendation if the budget would allow either a buffet-style serving or it should be seated-style of serving. Great caterers will tell you the best way of moving forward and would be happy to provide you with options for your wedding day.

3. They Know Your Venue.

Most events and wedding venues have already a list of caterers they prefer to work with and your caterer might just be part of that list already. If they are, it means that they have worked with the venue before and the quality of service is acceptable to the venue. In addition, their previous experience with the location means that they would not have a difficult time setting up or providing with you excellent service on your special day.