A wedding is mostly associated with the bride’s big day, but in reality, it is also the groom’s! Though it may seem that they are playing it cool or would simply like to go with the flow, grooms also experience the same excitement and would want to look their best on such a special day.

Thus, shopping for the wedding suit may be more difficult than imagined.

For the many grooms out there who are having a bit of difficulty in choosing the perfect wedding suit, here are a few things you should consider:

1. Take Note of Your Budget

Similar to a wedding dress, the perfect suit may not always come with the perfect price tag. Ideally, grooms should opt to buy a suit or tuxedo specifically altered for their body shape to ensure that they look sharp on their wedding day.

However, for those opting for a more cost-efficient way, renting a tuxedo or reusing a suit that is already in your closet might be a great option. Maybe your budget might not allow you to buy a new suit, but if you are reusing an old one, you can splurge on a new shirt or tie to go with it. Do take note that if you are reusing a suit that you already have, make sure you take the time to fit it prior to your wedding. Ask your tailor to make any adjustments that need to be done.

2. Talk to Your Bride

As a groom, make sure you compliment your bride’s wedding gown on the day of your wedding. Prior to the big day, make sure that you have an idea of what her dress will look like so you can also add subtle touches to ensure that you match. Maybe her bouquet will be made out of red roses and you can easily wear a red tie to match to her ensemble. By talking to your bride about both your outfits and how you would like to look, you get to prepare and choose the right suit for your wedding.

3. Blend in with Your Wedding Theme

Are you having a more formal reception or maybe a more laid back one? The perfect wedding suit is also dependent on your wedding’s theme. Though tuxedos are acceptable during formal and dinner receptions, it might look a bit out of place during an outdoor wedding on a beach or garden. In addition, the color of your suit can also match the color theme of your wedding.

4. Think of the Weather

Choosing the date for the big day will also have an impact on the suit you wear. Will you be having a summer wedding? Then lighter fabrics and patterns might be more appropriate. In addition, a wedding during the colder months might mean that you should also consider wearing a waistcoat to protect you from the cold.

5. Remember to Accessorize

Adding touches like pocket squares, suspenders and cufflinks are a nice touch to a wedding suit. As a groom, whatever accessories you do decide to wear on your wedding day, make sure that it stays true to your theme and personality.