Shopping for the perfect dress for your wedding means that you’ll have to go through a variety of wedding dresses with different styles, cuts, and even colors! Though brides may have an ideal dress in mind, do take note that the chosen wedding gowns may or may not work out depending on factors like the wedding theme, the bride’s body shape, and even their budget!

For the many brides out there who are looking into how to choose the perfect wedding dress, here are a few things you should consider:

1. Take Note of Your Budget

The perfect dress may not always come with the perfect price tag and thus, brides-to-be find themselves wondering if they should splurge on the dress and let go a few other details to make the wedding perfect. However, this can be avoided by having a strict budget in mind prior to looking for the dress.

2. Mind Your Body Shape

Though brides may find that they have a dream dress in mind, it does not necessarily mean that the same dress may look good when worn. As a bride, make sure you look perfect on your wedding day by finding a wedding dress that is ideal for your body type. Start by finding the right silhouette for you. If you are having a dress made, work with your designer or seamstress and stress out what you would like the dress to highlight or even conceal.

3. Blend in with Your Wedding Theme

The best wedding dresses are those that blend into the wedding theme perfectly. After all, brides wearing over the top formal gowns might look out of place in their own causal garden reception they planned. Start your wedding dress shopping with your theme and venue in mind. Will you have a formal wedding reception, then a floor length gown seems appropriate. How about a beach wedding? Then maybe you could opt for a shorter cut with lighter materials.

4. Fit with Your Heels

Brides also have to take note that their wedding dresses might look different depending on the shoes they plan to wear on the wedding day. In choosing the right dress or going for a fitting, it would be best for brides to also bring a pair of heels the same size and height they plan to wear on their big day.

Choosing the right heels will also depend mainly on your wedding theme. Make sure that the shoes you are planning to wear on your special day are appropriate to the venue. Will you be having a beach wedding? Then maybe you can switch those high heels for a more comfy pair as you walk on the sand.

5. Remember to Accessorize

Dresses that are far from perfect may impeccable on a bride by adding a few accessories and details to it, such as your veil. As a bride, ensure that you look flawless by wearing the right jewelry and choosing the right veil that matches the style and cut of your gown.