>>How to Agree on a Wedding Budget

How to Agree on a Wedding Budget

Deciding to tie the knot is a major decision for couples. This does not only mean a major change in their life, but it also means preparing enough money to spend for their wedding. This is one of the most common reasons for fights between couples. One partner wants the ideal wedding that will cost a lot of money, while the other disagree because of the costs. How can couples get to agree on a wedding budget? Here are some tips:

Sit down and spend some time to lay out your plans for the future as a married couple. The future plans of the couple sometimes dictate the type of wedding they will have. There are couples who opt to spend more on their new house after the wedding instead of spending on their wedding preparations. However, there are couples who believe that the wedding is a major milestone and should be announced in the most extravagant way they possibly can.

Sit down and spend some time to plan the future as a married couple

There would be no issues if both parties want the same thing. It is when the other partner is practical than the other that things get fuzzy between couples. The couple’s immediate and short-term goals after marriage can determine the type of wedding they should have. If the couple wants to get a lease on a new home, but getting their desired wedding will put a dent in the budget, then it’s time for the couple to reconsider their options.

Decide on where the wedding will be. Wedding locations can make or break the budget. If couples plan to marry overseas, this would mean saving and waiting until the time they both can afford the wedding at their desired place. It is best that couples scout for wedding venues that they will both agree upon. The decision should also be based on how much the couple can afford.

Decide on where the wedding will be

Agree on how much you want to spend on your wedding. Before setting the wedding date, couples should have a working idea on how much they need to spend on their wedding. They need to have an idea of how much their desired wedding will cost and how much they want to spend. This way, they have a clear perception of how much is needed against how much they can afford and balance it with how much they want to spend.

How much fo you want to spend on your wedding

Opt to save for a specific period of time before pursuing the plan to wed. Sometimes, the wedding plan needs to be deferred in order for the couple to prepare. This can mean opening up an account that is dedicated entirely for their wedding plans, especially if both agreed to have their dream wedding. This way, stress for the couple as well as on the relationship is minimal in terms of the financial aspect of the wedding.

Save money for wedding

No matter how extravagant or simple the wedding the couples want, it is vital that they both agree. They should be able to reach a compromise where both will be happy with the decision. After all, marriage is a mutual decision. It is only logical for couples to decide cohesively on how their wedding would be.

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