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Terms and Conditions

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Prices of the invitations are available upon request. Kalidad Prints and Favors reserves the right to change pricing at its discretion without prior notice. All quotations are valid for 30days.


50% of the total order cost is required to confirm a booking. Full payment is required prior to dispatch.
Kalidad Prints and Favors accepts several forms of payment including bank deposit (cash or cheque), online/mobile bank transfers, remittance, and personal cash payment. Payment is only considered made upon clearance of funds.

Some payment methods require a transaction fee. The client will be charged of the transaction fee. We will acknowledge only the net amount or the amount cleared in our account as your payment.


All parcels for domestic delivery (within the Philippines) are delivered through LBC Express or JRS Express. International packages are delivered through FedEx or PhilPost.

Shipping fee is dependent on destination, weight and volume of the package, as well as fuel surcharge and dollar exchange rate on the day of shipment. If the client requires multiple deliveries, the client is expected to pay the associated shipping fees and handling fees.

Client should consider insuring their stationery delivery, as Kalidad Prints and Favors is not liable for any loss or damage caused in transit by third parties.


Shipping and Handling terms apply to all orders.

Additionally, for international orders, it is the duty of the client to determine and cover any fees or taxes payable on their stationery, upon entry into the destination country. Kalidad Prints and Favors is not liable for nor has any responsibility to determine or disclose such fees.

Kalidad Prints and Favors delivers to a select few international destinations and may accept or decline international orders at its discretion.


Our prices are inclusive of one free mock-up for confirmed clients – associated with a specific Job Estimate number (meaning, clients who have paid 50% downpayment). A mock-up is produced after the client makes the request. However, we encourage that our clients request for the mock-up when all details have been finalized as there is already a charge for the succeeding mock-ups should the client require a new one, which is 2x the price of the invitation, depending on the kind of invitation. Mockup samples are by request, not automatically provided because majority of the clients do not require it.


Once we receive your order form with your invitation details and guest list, a digital proof  with Kalidad Prints and Favors watermark will be sent to you via email. We do not give digital proofs of the invitation set or individual pages without our company watermark. You are expected to proof read this document to ensure there are no errors or alterations required prior to printing. Written confirmation via email is required to proceed with printing and assembly of your order.

Proofing errors that have been signed off by the client are to be reprinted at the client’s expense, regardless of how they were introduced, even if it is a typographical error on the part of Kalidad Prints and Favors. It is the duty of the client to ensure all stationery is correct before printing is authorized.

Please note that different computer monitors have different display qualities and color calibrations, so please make allowances for minimal lightening and darkening of your chosen shade.



The client may make changes on the text/wordings, as needed, as long as the printing process has not started but there will be  extra fees for excess revisions. Once the client has approved the final copy and given us the go signal for printing, changes may only be made for an extra charge. A proof will be shown to the client each time a change is made to the invitation. If the client received invitations printed other than the final approval copy, contact us immediately and we will rush the new invitations, absolutely free.


The client may not change the colors of the papers and other materials after the client have paid the 50% downpayment associated with a specific Job Estimate number. Please be advised that when the client pay the downpayment, Kalidad Prints and Favors is making sure that all purchases of the materials have already been made from the suppliers. To avoid this from happening, please finalize the invitation requirements before placing the order.


Materials may sometimes vary from dye lot to dye lot for designer papers, ribbons, buckles, handmade papers, etc. As a result, color or texture variations may occur between samples you may purchase or view and actual orders received. An order will however only use materials from the same single dye lot so will contain minimum variation within itself. However, with some handmade papers, variations occur naturally which we cannot control.


The client may or may not include envelopes in the order. Envelopes, by default do not have a peel-n-stick or lick-n-stick feature, but may be requested.

Envelope addressing service can be availed. Details can be found at https://kalidadprintsandfavors.com/wedding/envelope-addressing/


By supplying photographic images to Kalidad Prints and Favors, you certify that you are the parent or guardian of any child featuring in the photograph(s), or have obtained consent from the legal guardian to use the photograph(s) provided for your stationery.

Additionally, any photograph submitted which is copyright protected is provided for use in your stationery, with permission from the photographer.


Kalidad Prints and Favors will provide wording suggestions for all stationery items. The client may customize these words or provide their own in English or otherwise.

Kalidad Prints and Favors will not tolerate derogatory, abusive or misuse of language and reserves the right to reject such orders.

However, Kalidad Prints and Favors is not responsible for any offense which may be cause by the wording of your stationery.


Birthday/Baptismal orders must comprise a minimum of 30 invitations.

Wedding orders must comprise a minimum of 50 basic invitations or 100 couture invitations.

It is advisable to include some blank invitations for handwritten guest names (around 10% more) to cover forgotten guests and last minute guest changes.

Kalidad Prints and Favors is under no obligation to accommodate smaller orders.


All our stationery, except for laser cut envelopment, is hand crafted, so we allot a reasonable amount of time to complete your order. Production period depends on the quantity and complexity of your order. It will be written in the notes section of the formal job estimate that we will send you. We can turn work around faster and will often accept urgent jobs, however, this block of time ensures deadlines are definitely met.
Kalidad Prints and Favors cannot ensure deadlines will be met when the submission of guest data or proofing is significantly delayed by the client.

Kalidad Prints and Favors reserves the right to decline orders where we believe the client’s deadline cannot be achieved. Should we fail to provide stationery as stipulated, the client may be eligible for a full or part refund on outstanding items.

Kalidad Prints and Favors reserves the right to decline rush orders at its discretion.


All goods become the property of the client once the client takes possession. Any dispute must be brought to our attention within 7 days of receipts of your order. No response will be provided after this time.


Although every effort is made to ensure we have adequate stock of supplies, there may be instances where materials required for your order as indicated in the Job Estimate may be unavailable. In such cases, we will contact the client to discuss their options. Options may include a full refund/cancellation if a suitable replacement cannot be offered.


A minimum of 50% of the order total is required to confirm each order for a specific Job Estimate. This is non-refundable. Upon confirmation, no changes can be made to the selected stationery design chosen, unless stated otherwise in the client invoice or agreed prior. Additional monies provided upon booking are refundable, but only prior to the commencement of the design and production process.

Due to the nature of the stationery process, we cannot refund payment once the layout and printing process has commenced.


Kalidad Prints and Favors reserves the right to accept or reject orders at its discretion.


Our office operation is from Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. Our office may be closed at certain times during the year. Closures will be displayed on our Facebook page.

All inquiries will be attended to as a priority on our return.

Kalidad Prints and Favors is under no obligation to announce public holiday closures.


Excess stationery may be used as samples after the function date. Only stationery which does not include private addresses or telephone numbers will be used for this purpose.

Kalidad Prints and Favors maintains the right to use photographs of complete stationery in public media such as, but not limited to, printed publications, on the Kalidad Prints and Favors website, associated blog, Facebook or Pinterest pages, at its discretion.

All efforts are made to ensure all information and prices are correct.


Kalidad Prints and Favors shall not be responsible for any failure to fulfill its obligation under this contract if fulfillment has been prevented or curtailed by any circumstances whatsoever which are beyond its reasonable control as the case may be including without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing: 1. Compliance with any order, demand or request of any government or of any international, nation, port, transportation, local or other authority or agency or of anybody or person purporting to be or to act for such authority or agency; 2. Any strike, lockout or labor dispute; 3. Adverse weather, perils of the sea or embargoes; 4. Intermittent power shortages.

In case of circumstances of Force Majeure lasting more than ten (10) days, the client shall have the right to cancel this Contract, partly or in total. In such a case, none of the parties hereof shall have the right to any compensation for possible losses from the other party.


Payment of a deposit for your stationery is considered acknowledgement and acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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