>>Different Wedding Themes

Different Wedding Themes

Getting hitched? Now that it’s official, you would want your wedding to be perfect. As such, you will naturally be hunting for the perfect wedding theme. One of the things to keep in mind when choosing your wedding theme is to stick to what you want. Be consistent so that the ideas that you put in your wedding package will not contradict the total outcome of your wedding occasion. Here are some examples of wedding themes:

Classic Themes. Classic wedding themes are by far, the safest of the themes. The bride usually wears a white or ecru color of the wedding gown while the rest of the entourage wears the color motif of the wedding. The groom is also expected to wear the classic Barong Tagalog or a tailored pants and suit. The wedding ceremony is usually held at the couple’s favorite church and the wedding reception held at a fine dining restaurant. The wedding invitation is usually chosen from a wide variety of classic designs already present in many wedding archives.

Outdoor Themes. To do an outdoor wedding theme is a challenge in itself. Invitations are expected to be colorful especially with a garden wedding. If you’re planning to make home-made wedding invitations, dried flower and potpourri are great accents for the invitation. If you plan to hold your wedding in a garden or patio, you have to plan it well: from renting the tables and chairs as well as the actual decoration of the wedding area. What’s great with the outdoor wedding theme is that the wedding ceremony area is near the reception area. Sitting the guests can be done prior to the wedding march. Do not forget to secure the necessary permit for the outdoor wedding.

Vintage Themes. This is a wedding theme that is starting to be a favorite amongst couples. Those who live in the country can readily access to vintage items and will go great with vintage photography. The wedding invitations can be prepared using an old typewriter and a recycled paper. Dried flowers from the country garden will be a nice touch in decorating it. The bride’s wedding gown is expected to be a vintage gown, usually an altered hand-me-down from her mother, her grandmother or mother-in-law. The groom however can wear a vintage wedding ensemble, for instance a pair pants with a suspender. He can also wear a tailored suit complete with a top hat.

Color Themes. The color themes for weddings are hybrids of the modern and classic. It integrates ideas from the classic theme as well as the modern theme, yet focuses on a color scheme. In the old days, couples usually stick to monochromatic colors – if the wedding motif set was blue, then all the bridesmaids and groomsmen will wear blue. With the new generation getting bolder, color combinations are also being tried with great results. Yellow and orange have been used for a spring wedding theme, while aqua blue and green blended well during a beach wedding.

There is no specific line that marks borders the wedding themes as wedding ideas tend to mix well with each other. With everybody pitching in their ideas, your wedding theme should be the best one that fits the couple’s personality.

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