>>How to Choose the Best Wedding Invitation Paper

How to Choose the Best Wedding Invitation Paper

Choosing your invitation paper is just a piece of cake… that’s quite hard to swallow. No, we’re not going to lie to you. For every bride-to-be, one of the most important matters of the pre-wedding is the paper you’ll be using for your invites. Of course, you can not just use typewriting papers for this. That is somehow dreadful if the scenario of using Bond paper became your option.

We know you will want something that is beautiful yet affordable. Note that we say affordable because nothing comes cheap nowadays. Nevertheless, we’re sure you’ll be grateful to know about the techniques on how to choose the best wedding invitation paper.

Read on and find out more about what to look for when buying for your invitation paper.

  1. Know the Paper Weight Metrics

Believe it or not, every paper is different from each other. We are sure that you have seen labels on a paper that is on grams (gsm) or pounds (lbs.).These are two different measurements and neither one are used depending in the country you’re in.

For common grounds, Europe mainly measures the paper in pounds (lbs) while USA uses grams (gsm). If you’re living in the Philippines, we usually use grams instead of pounds in measuring our paper.

  1. Basic Paper Weights

There are two types of Paper Weights – Text Paper and Card-stock/Cover Paper. The Text Paper is the paper you use for your home printer. They are thin and can be used for ink or toner printer. Meanwhile, cardstock or cover paper will remind you of a cardboard texture. It is commonly known as specialty board that can be used in DIY, if not on invitation.

  1. Paper Thickness

With the thickness of a paper, keep in mind that it is measured in thousandths of an inch. The main difference of text and card-stock paper is the thickness of the sheets. You can also see the difference in how you can fold it; text paper is easier to fold, while card-stock is more rigid.

An advice for you will be: The heavier the basic weight, the thicker will be the sheet. And of course, the thicker the sheet, the more impressive to feel. The more impressive your Wedding Invitation paper, the more accolades you will have.

Some Things to Ponder:

One thing to keep in mind is that home printers can only accommodate a paper weight of up to 180 gms or 80 lbs. Card-stock paper is just too firm to bend on an ordinary printer. We cannot guarantee that using your own printer with a Card-stock or cover paper can be the best option for your Wedding invitation.

Nevertheless, if you’re unsure about home printing your invitation, you can always come to us and we’ll gladly help you with all your printing needs. Whether you need the materials to make your own invitation or you need a professional invitation maker, Kalidad Prints and Favors is the best printing store for you.

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