>>Advantages of Paper Invitation vs. Online Invitation

Advantages of Paper Invitation vs. Online Invitation

On Wedding Invitation: Why is it better to use paper than resort to online invitation

What better way to tell about your big day than an invitation! Your invitation creates the excitement for your Wedding and so, it should look special. With our tech-y era, many has resort to just making an online invitation. Sure, there are dvantages to this like not having a room for mailing error or it is easier to monitor who will come on your big day. However, there are also many disadvantages that we believe it would be better to send out paper invitations instead.

Read on the 5 reasons why is it better to use paper than resort to online invitation:

  1. Paper invitation is more meaningful

Online invitation is easier to do but paper invitation is more meaningful. Your friends and relatives will honestly can feel the momentous event if you give out paper invitations rather than online ones. Of course, they are literally online 24/7 so they’re probably sick by what they see online,  and so will your invitation.

  1. You can have a concrete memorabilia of your wedding

Over time, you may want to look back and reminisce your Wedding day. Besides the photos, you will want to see again your Wedding details. One of the most important details of your Wedding is your invitation. Trust us, you’ll regret not having your invitation printed.

You may think that “oh, 10 years from now there will still be an internet anyway.” Yes, there will still be an online world but eventually you’ll get sick of that world and move on. Your online files will definitely be eaten up to make room for other documents and your invitation can vanish.

  1. Paper invitation gives a more lasting impression

When you go online, have you ever wondered why you can’t remember the things you saw? Well, this is because online feed and stories do not appeal very much with our eyes and brains. We may remember something what we saw but not the important details like date, time, venue and attire.

Studies even show that we can mostly recall the details when it is written on paper. With this, your paper invitation will surely have a more lasting impression and recall than if you do it online.

  1. A paper wouldn’t have an error or wouldn’t “crash”

Well, how’s the saying goes? It is better to put everything on black and white – and that means paper. Although we are living in a technological world, we are not sure if it will not one day crash or will flash an error 404 on your screen. You see, it is not everyday that the internet will run smoothly.

In a worst case scenario, on your e-mail your invitation is already on the Sent folder but the truth is, your invitation has failed delivery. Well, who will you blame when this happens? Definitely not anyone but you. You should have known better than to send your invites online.

  1. Not everyone loves to go online

This is true, especially with your old relatives. Of course, please expect that they are too old to even bother hang out in social media. Yes, you can definitely say that there are those “cool” and old relatives that has social media accounts but what about the others?


As a conclusion, the old school way of giving out invitations is better than going online. We can argue all day about couriers losing invites along the way but that’s not an excuse at all. Trust us, that can happen in one in a million chances.

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