>>5 Wedding Etiquette Mistakes to Avoid

5 Wedding Etiquette Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding etiquette is a tricky subject. One moment everything is well between you and your guest and the next, you offended her without even having a clue why. To avoid a scenario like this, you must keep in check these common wedding etiquette:

1. Excluding the venue on your save-the-date card
Even if most of your guests are from around your town, you shouldn’t expect everyone to know where your venue is. Save your guest some time on asking bystanders or street vendors where your venue is by including its whole address. You can use this format: Name of Resort/Restaurant, House Number (Block & Lot), Street Name, Barangay Name, City, Province. If you want, you can also include the zip code and a map on your invitation so to be clearer.

2. Using pre-printed labels on your invitation
A wedding invitation has a purpose of making your loved ones feel special and so, using a pre-printed labels will not achieve that feeling. Give it a special touch by spelling your guest’s name in an elegant lettering. You can ask your invitation designer to do the calligraphy if you’re not artistic yourself. Hiring a designer is your best bet if you really want a presentable wedding invites.

3. Sending a wedding invitation to someone who confirmed she can’t attend
Are you trying to pressure her in attending your wedding? If so, you better stop right now! The truth is, if she can come she will say yes already to your RSVP. Moreover, if she doesn’t want to come, she would never have send you that “No” on her RSVP and will just completely ignore you. See the difference? Don’t put pressure on her by sending her an invitation because that will give off a “gift-hoarding” vibe from you.

Furthermore, don’t invite someone on your bridal shower and pre-wedding events if you don’t want to include her on your wedding day itself. Its plain wrong to do so.

4. Choosing an inconvenient time or date
There’s a reason why most weddings are made on Saturday nights but it will be quite expensive than other days of the week. Meanwhile, some opt for Fridays or Sundays but that entails a lot of excuses from your guest (which are all valid, mind you). Basically, if you scheduled your wedding on a Friday, it’s either they need to get off work early, be absent on work on that day or, worst, skip your wedding altogether. Meanwhile, on Sundays you need to expect your guest to leave early to get a good night’s sleep for the work week begins, and no you don’t have any option.
So what’s the solution? If you choose Friday, start your ceremony later — perhaps 7 or 8 p.m. And if you opt for Sunday, consider an afternoon ceremony with the reception ending by 9 or 10 p.m. (you can have an informal after-party back at the hotel for guests who do want to party all night).

5. No clear lines on who’s invited and who’s not
This is the most memorable occasion of your life and you want to spend it with only the special people in your life. But what if not everyone got the memo? Regarding “plus ones,” the general rules is that your friend who’s in a relationship has to bring their partner even if you have never met them. Besides, it’s quite rude to prohibit him or her from tagging along.
On another note, if you have an issue with plus ones, always remember that consistency is the key. If you only allow one additional guest for all then, apply that rule for everyone even to your aunts and uncles.

Keep this guidelines in mind ensures your wedding is enjoyable, stress-free day for everyone.

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