>>5 Things a Newly Engaged Couple Should Know Before Getting Married

5 Things a Newly Engaged Couple Should Know Before Getting Married

Congratulations on your engagement! We know that your all hype up for your wedding as the engagement euphoria settles down in your system. But before you go on and start your planning, check yourself and your partner first if you two are really ready for a deep and everlasting commitment like marriage.

Below are the five things you should know as a newly engaged couple:

1. You have options in your engagement
For starters, getting engaged doesn’t mean that you should get married right now. You can have two options: a long term engagement or a short one. Most people tend to take the path of long term because they want to assure that their partner is the one right for them. They take things one step at a time so they will not regret anything in the future. But if you’re a 100% sure that you’re ready to get married, then by all means be on a short term engagement.

2. Your career goals may affect your marriage and vice versa
What do you want to achieve in your career years from now? Are you aiming for a higher position? Chances are you’re wanting to level-up your career and that’s great. We all want to grow but if you’re in a relationship, your decisions in life can affect your partner as well so better consult each other about your career goals before making any move. Supporting each other is a critical foundation of every marriage.

3. Your beliefs and religion
Believe or not, most engaged couples tend to break of their engagement because of beliefs and religion. The thing is, one of the mistakes couple make is not checking on their faith. It is a law in every religion that you should only be married to someone with the same religion as yours or else you cannot be wed at all. One of you should convert to the religion of the other if you really want a matrimony with your partner.

4. Your financial situation and plans
You may heard that other marriages end up in annulment or divorce. Why? Because they’re not transparent with each other when it comes to money. We want to be clear though, money isn’t the root of evil but our lack of clarity and planning.

5. Your feelings for your partner
Some may call it love but in truth, what they’re feeling is simply lust or false love. Reflect on yourself and on your emotions so you know if he or she is the right one for you. And be honest with yourself.

Going over these things won’t hurt you and, more so, can keep you from regretting your marriage vows in the future.

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