>>15 Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Laser Cut Envelope

15 Things You Need to Know Before Purchasing a Laser Cut Envelope

Laser cut envelope is a beautiful and an elegant type of envelopment that is great for your wedding, debuts, anniversaries, corporate parties and all other special occasions. It is very intricate on details that most people would love to keep it after every event. And yes, that’s one of the good things a laser cut envelope can do – turn your invitation into a memorabilia.

Nevertheless, you will still need to know some important details of a laser cut envelope before you make any purchase. Why? So you will know some facts about the laser cutting technology before purchasing this type of envelope.

Read on and see for yourself the things you need to know before purchasing a laser cut envelope.

  1. Laser cutting is a fantastic option because it avoids damage which is commonly caused by mechanical machines such as dragging, clamping, scuffs or tearing.
  2. Laser cutting uses a series of mirrors and lenses to focus a beam into a highly concentrated heat source.
  3. The highly concentrated heat source is a great tool for engraving and cutting any material like an envelope to make it more artistic.
  4. Highly complex designs can be laser engraved onto a wide range of materials with great accuracy and speed.
  5. The process of laser cutting delivers a sharp, clean finish every single time.
  6. Laser cutting is a very economical process because it can be repeated at the push of a button. This means it is an excellent method for both large and small production volumes.
  7. Laser cutting works by directing a high-powered laser (by computer) at the chosen material for it to be.
  8. To make a laser work efficiently, it is necessary to have a large collection of atoms which are in the “excited state.” Generally, the atoms are excited to a state which is two or three levels above the normal ground state – this increases the degree of population inversion (the number of atoms in the excited state versus the number in the ground state).
  9. Laser measuring is accurate to more than a nanometre – which is a billionth time metre!
  10. The light in a laser is more parallel than any other light source, every part of the beam has almost the exact same direction. This means the beam will diverge very little.
  11. Your designs for your envelopes won’t be compromise with our laser technology because lasers are more accurate than any other material for designing envelopments. You won’t regret have Kalidad Prints and Favors do all the work to make your envelopes elegant and special.
  12. Laser engraving or cutting is an abrasion free process and is completely safe. When cut, the material then either melts, burns or is blown away by a jet gas. This then leaves an edge of high-quality polished finish.
  13. Much like your standard, printer, laser cutting and engraving using their respective machines are controlled by a computer.
  14. Designs for laser marking, engraving and cutting are created on a highly sophisticated software packages. Highly dedicated envelope makers work with clients to make their laser cut envelopes perfect.
  15. It is highly unlikely for laser cutting technology to make mistakes.
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