>>15 Questions to Ask When Ordering Your Invitation

15 Questions to Ask When Ordering Your Invitation

Asking questions didn’t hurt anyone in history. In fact, it made things a lot better and clearer because you’ll know all the details. No more wondering the what if’s, especially with your Wedding Invitations.

With this post, we got you covered on all the questions you need to ask your professional invitation maker. Of course, even though they say they’re professional, you still need to get to know them and their business. After all, not all invitation makers are the same.

The main objective of asking these questions is to see whether or not they are the one you’re looking for. Feel free to use the 15 questions below to get down to business with a real, talented professional invitation maker.

Getting to Know Your Wedding Invitation Expert

  1. What is your design history?
    Note that his background does not necessarily mean ‘professional training.’ Always remember that a great art cannot be taught.
  2. How long have you been an invitation expert?
  3. What type of print processing do you offer and what do you specializes in? Can you work around my budget and style if ever I choose you?
    With this question, you’ll get a straight answer to whether or not your invitation expert can deliver what you want. If he’s hesitant then you know that you have to move to another professional.
  4. Do you print in-house or do you outsource?
    Keep in mind that outsource printing is less expensive. However, it takes longer to be delivered than in-house. You can go for in-house printing if you want to proofread your invites before sending them out.
  5. Do you offer a package or discount if I ordered all the components of my invitation at the same time?
  6. Can I customized the paper, design, color, font size, font style and ink?
    Of course, in any business there are certain limitations you need to understand. You can expect that these professionals can bend some rules but not all. They still need to take care of their business.
  7. If I want to add a picture on my save-the-date card or any invitation details, can you accommodate that? Do you have a photo retouching service, what’s the rate? Can you discount the photo retouching if I order more than your required number of invitations? Can you also convert the colors to black and white, or sepia?
  8. Do you also have a mailing service? How much would it cost to mail my invitation?

Getting Down to Business

  1. Once I placed my order, how long will it take for it to be delivered? Do you have a rush-order package and how much would that cost?
    If you’re ordering from an online company, ask if what is the shipping method and their courier?
  2. Can you assemble my invitation if it involves multiple pieces of paper? How much would it cost?
    Tip: Go for an invitation expert that do assembling for free. Trust us, there are many of them.
  3. Do you do calligraphy or lettering? How much will it cost if I want my text to be customized? What lettering style options are available? Will the lettering affect the delivery date?
  4. Can we do Downpayment first and then the remaining amount after delivery? Do you have a Cash on Delivery service? What is your payment method? Do you accept Skrill or PayPal payment?
  5. I will have an opportunity to sign off on my invitation before printing it, right?
  6. Once I signed off my invitation, I expect for you to deliver on print the exact same layout I approved. If for some instance it was not the same, can you re-print it with no additional cost?
  7. What is your refund policy? When can I receive my contract from you?
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