>>10 Questions to ask your Wedding Invitation Designer before making a Deal

10 Questions to ask your Wedding Invitation Designer before making a Deal

It is highly recommended to hire a wedding invitation designer for your wedding. You will surely thank them as they will lessen your tasks on your wedding planning plus they will guarantee high quality and elegant wedding invites for you.

You might have a prospect now to whom you’ll entrust your invitations to but before you make any official deal with anyone, ask these questions first to guarantee things will be clear between you two:

1. How far in advance should I contact you/make an order?
Personally, we advise you to contact your designer as soon as possible so you wouldn’t be behind schedule.

2. Do I get to see a proof before the invitations are printed?
Your designer should always update you on the progress of your invitations through email, text or call. He or she should provide a proof for you and do not pay for a product you’re not allowed to see.

3. Are there menus, save the dates, etc. on my invitation?
Designers have certain time periods and time schedule they need to follow so inform your designer in advance for extra works to be done for your invites.

4. Can you help with invitation wording?
If you’re struggling for the right words to say, inform your designer. Nowadays, even small companies who have a website has a writer working to keep their sites updated. They can guarantee flawless wordings for your invitations.

5. What printing methods do you offer?
Printing methods vary so that means the pricing varies also. You may be on a budget so asking this is important to keep you on track with your expenses.

6. How long does printing take?
Standard printing only takes 1-2 weeks but that is only for basic printing like two sided flat print. The maximum printing time is up to three weeks.

7. Can I see samples?
If you want to ask for a sample, tell it right away in your meeting. Papers and stocks are limited when printing for an invitation because each supplies are divided on the needs of different clients. They also have alternating products so the paper used for your sample may no longer be available for your invitation. You may pick a product that is not accessible on time.

8. Can I print in more than one type/color of ink?
Most definitely, the answer is yes for this question but the additional costing is up to your designer.

9. I have a limited budget, will you work within my budget?
This is a tricky question for the following reasons: (1) custom designs means designs made by professional and creative people, (2) time and work go hand-in-hand, (3) cost of papers and printing and, (4) additional accessories and work. If you really have a limited budget, simply send a quote to your designer.

10. What types of payment do you accept?
Some wedding invitation designers will only accept payments through PayPal, while others can accept either through credit or debit card. Know your payment options so you know if you need to create an account in a site like PayPal or not.

All of these questions can help you not only to understand the process of invitations but also to get to know your designer as well.

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